How I spent 2012 | Orange County and Los Angeles County Wedding Photographer

What a hard task to sit down and go over so many beautiful weddings, family and engagement sessions I had the pleasure to photograph.  Picking a few of my favorites was tough but I also loved the opportunity to go back and revisit all the wonderful people I have met and hopefully the happy memories I have made.  To each of my clients (if you are reading this) thank you for the opportunity to photograph your wedding or family and to other photographers who have asked me to second shoot for them thank you for the chance to work with such a talented group of people!  I can't wait to see what 2013 brings!

Spring | Tustin Wedding Photographer

This has felt like a long and rainy winter so when my garden started to bloom with the first roses I got excited. I love Spring. Everything is so fresh and new and green. Another reason I love Spring is the start of the busy wedding season! So many beautiful weddings are coming up this Spring and Summer and I am excited for each one. And since no post is complete without a picture here are some roses from my garden and lemons and limes from the tree of a neighbor.

Spot dog | La Mirada Photographer

My daughter never had a blankie or a stuffed animal that she carried around or loved until 2 months ago. Now they are inseparable. She doesn't leave home (or the room) without "spot dog". I sometimes forget to capture these little moments of quiet and calm and I know when they are all grown and have left the house I will wish I had these pictures to remind me of the things she loved when she was 3.

The Studio | The Wedding Pantry | Tustin Wedding Photographer

I can't believe it's taken me this long to get some pictures of my new office space! Back in November I happened to be looking on Craigslist and found a listing for a rental space in a wedding boutique. It was just what I was looking for and seemed too good to be true. I was sure when I called that it would be gone but fortunately it was still available and I couldn't wait to see it. When we went to The Wedding Pantry in Old Town Tustin that day I knew it the perfect spot for me. So now a few months have passed and I have had a chance to get it decorated and hang some pictures and make it my own. It's a great place to meet clients, talk about the wedding and see some albums!If you are getting married give me a call or send me an e-mail and I would love for you to come visit with me at The Wedding Pantry!

Happiness | La Mirada Photographer

Surprises in the mail can completely turn my day around and make me so happy. Casey and I have never met in real life but we were both part of an online community. Casey recently began her journey into photography and has been progressing so well. Yesterday she sent me the sweetest gift as a thank you and congrats on my new office space. One of my favorite stores is Anthropologie and this little bag is SO me! Casey read in my about me section on my website how much I adore Burt's Bees products and packed the bag full of some great products. I will never be without my cherished lip balm again!If you are in the Raleigh, NC area and looking for a talented up and coming photographer you should give Casey a call at Casey Rose Photography!

Macro Monday | La Mirada Photographer

I spent most of yesterday outside in the front yard with the kids and when I noticed how beautiful the flowers were blooming in my garden I had to go grab my camera. I know how fortunate I am to have grown up and lived in Southern California my whole life. When I see how most of the East Coast is dealing with snow and freezing temperatures we are wearing shorts and tank tops and enjoying the sun and Spring like weather. But I swear I am not bragging!

Happy Holidays | La Mirada Family Photographer

From my family to yours! Thank you to all my clients that have made 2010 a wonderful year and I am looking forward to a great 2011!

The Wedding Pantry | Tustin Wedding Photographer

Such an exciting week this has been! I had an awesome opportunity to have an office in a beautiful wedding boutique in Old Town Tustin, The Wedding Pantry. So now I can meet with clients for in person proofing and brides that come for consults can do some shopping while we meet! I am so excited and hope everyone can come visit and see my new space.The Wedding Pantry had their holiday bliss boutique this Saturday and I was able to be there and meet so many wonderful vendors that have great items and gifts. If you weren't able to make it down and would love more information I am putting a link to each of the vendors so just click on their name and check out their items!

The Wedding Pantry

KoKo Candles

Hannah's Bananas

Darla Marie Designs

Joie De Vie Jewelry & Accessories

Kupcakespot (these were delicious!)

Peach Mailbox


Pixies Petals

Red Velvet Occasions (Wedding Planning)

Pumpkin Patch | La Mirada Family Photographer | Tanaka Farms

It's an annual tradition for us to visit Tanaka Farms in Irvine and check out the pumpkin patch. The kids look forward to it and I love seeing how excited they get. If you live in the area you should check it out!

This is pretty much how most pictures end up when I try and get all 3 kids together (and yes, my oldest is trying to shoot himself in the head)

A week of firsts | La Mirada Child Photographer

After having 2 boys it was inevitable that when I did have my daughter I would be putting her in ballet.  I have been waiting for this day and she was too.  We went out and got the leotard, ballet skirt, tights and ballet shoes (I drew the line at a tiara).  When today arrived she was so excited.  She pretty much chattered through the entire thing, ran all around and hung on the ballet bar but she had the best time.  She is usually all around boys and ends up playing whatever they want so it was fun to watch her giggling and being a princess with the other girls.  Earlier this week she started a little pre-school program so this has been a big week for her.  And an even bigger one for me.

My own with a new lens | La Mirada Child Photographer

I have a few weddings coming up in the next couple of weeks so I rented a new lens to play with.  Since my boys are at an age where they are fairly uncooperative I took my daughter out to practice.  She is starting to dread my camera coming out but she isn't quite there yet so I can usually get her to sit for a few minutes.  She will be starting preschool this week and when I look at these pictures I just can't believe how quickly she has grown. I had to throw in a cool macro shot of a dragonfly that landed on my porch.  My middle son found it and was fascinated by how big it was.  Through my picture he was able to see it up close and magnified and that provided hours of questions about insects and a fun learning opportunity.

Happy Birthday to my little daredevil | La Mirada Child Photographer

My youngest is 3 today.  It's gone by so fast and knowing that she is my last I have tried to slow down and enjoy every minute.  Sometimes I have been succesful but most days she has me running and I can't keep up.  She is by far the most adventurous of my 3 kids and I know she will go far.  I just hope I can keep up.

Downtown Fullerton Styled Shoot | Fullerton Photographer

I had the opportunity  this past week to join a bunch of photographers from the Orange County area to do a walk around Downtown Fullerton and take some pictures with some fabulous models against an awesome backdrop.  It was great to network and talk "shop" and also learn some new stuff.  Can't wait to do this again. OC Shoot This! Photo Group - Styled Shoot Event - 7.18.10 Event Produced by Joelle Leder (Shoot This! Photo Group & JLP Model & Talent)

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Jewelry provided by JustDaisy Handcrafted Jewelry - &

Models provided by JLP Model & Talent Agency - Vanessa Venancio (from Brazil), Ashley Rush, Evan Harney and Sarah Hathaway.

JLP Model & Talent Agency (

Fullerton Photographer

Spring | Orange County Photographer | True Bliss

Kaia and I went on a quest to find a meadow full of yellow or purple flowers to take some pictures and just get out and enjoy the weather after the rain we had yesterday.  Unfortunately our hunt for Spring flowers was unsuccessful but we did manage to have a great time on the swings enjoying the California sunshine.

Loves Me Not II | Orange County Child Photographer | True Bliss Photography

Recently I posted about a wonderful clothing company that we were doing some work for, Loves Me Not, with some images from their new line.  With the beautiful (and HOT) weather we are having in Southern California I thought it was timely to post a few more the gorgeous Spring line that is on sale now!

Loves Me Not | Orange County Child Photographer | True Bliss Photography

I was honored recently to have the opportunity to photograph some of the Spring 2010 line for a boutique line of clothing, Loves Me Not.  This is just the first of one so make sure to check back often and see the rest of the beautiful pieces that will be for sale soon.

Miss Kaia | Orange County Child Photographer | True Bliss Photography

It's been a long time since I have taken my own kids out for pictures so I was glad to have the opportunity to photograph Kaia with a darling little tutu and hat for a great Etsy seller, Baby K Designs. kaiababyk_3016


Married | Orange County Photographer | True Bliss Photography

My younger brother got married this weekend and I was fortunate enough to capture the special day for him and my new sister in law, Tiffany.  It was hard to be a "professional" and hold back the tears as I watched them take their vows.  I am so proud of both of you and wish you a life time of happiness. ruggeriwedding_2594




Happy 4th! | Orange County Family Photographer | TrueBliss Photography

Wishing your family the best Independence Day! kaia4thblog1