{ Big changes ahead }



Where do I start?  Things around here have been crazy lately but I think and hope in a good way.  Recently I left my job and although I am scared and nervous about what the future brings I have decided to look at this as a good thing and focus on the stuff that matters to me.  Most importantly I am going to try my hand at being a SAHM for as long as our finances allow.  So far I have thoroughly enjoyed the time I have had with my kids and have been making the most of our time during the week to do all the fun stuff that we aren't able to do on the weekends because we are busy playing catch up.  Secondly, I am hoping to focus more on my photography.  I hope that one day soon with all the learning and practicing I am doing I can make this my business and be able to enjoy my job and feel rewarded by offering beautiful memories to people.  So look for good things ahead for us and keep me in your thoughts.